Daily Training and Full Care Boarding - 1 Month


Daily Training and Full Care Boarding - 1 Month


Training and Boarding for one month at Gold Horse Training's Ranch includes:

  • Twice Daily Feeding (Owner supplies grain and pays for hay)

  • Daily turnout

  • Applications of Medications, Fly Sprays, and Creams (Owner supplies products)

  • Grooming and Bathing

  • Pasture, Fence, Water Trough and Gate Maintenance

  • One hour of one-on-one professional training and exercise, five to six days a week, catered to the needs of your horse

  • Weekly Updates and Progress Reports

  • Private Lessons for the Horse and Rider, once the horse is ready

  • Personal access to your horse from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday - Sunday

  • Private, clean stall

  • 60 Ft. round pen and arena open for horse boarder use

  • Access to the 35 Miles of Myakka Valley Riding Trails

  • Farrier and Vet Services Not Included

Equine Warning Law

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Space is limited so please confirm your horse's arrival date in advance. Transportation of the horse to and from the ranch, veterinary, and farrier expenses are the responsibility of the owner. The boarding agreement must be signed prior to the horse's start date.