Gold Horse Training offers a wide variety of services for horse and rider. If you don't see a service that meets your needs below, give us a call to discuss your situation further.

  • Creating Partnerships and Building Trust with your Horse

  • Pros of Double Line Longeing vs. the Cons of Single Line Longein

  • Trailer Loading (Getting your Horse to Love the Trailer)

  • Spooky Horse (Overcoming Fears)

  • Preparing Your Horse for the Farrier

  • Starting the Young Horse Under Saddle

  • The Remedial Horse (Problem Horses – Bucking, Biting, Balking, Rearing, Kicking)

  • Private Horsemanship Lessons for Rider and/or Horse

  • Riding Problems (Gaining Confidence, Trusting your Horse, Creating Leadership in the Saddle)

  • Professional Saddle Cleaning

  • Horse Broker (Looking for a horse to buy? Nate will find the right horse for you!)

  • Mounted Shooting (Expose your horse to gunfire and practice shooting on horseback)

  •  Full Care Boarding