A very special thank you to all my clients, teachers, friends, and family for helping me along this journey.
— Nate

Nate;  I just have to brag, to you and about you.  Liz and I rode the horses around the neighborhood trails for more than 2 hrs this morning.  Thunder was fine, as good as usual, even stopping on the way home! But, and this is BIG, Liz and Hazen were brilliant!  Liz rode well, stayed comfy on her longest ride in years, and smiled all the way.  Hazen was perfect!  She was a little blowsy at times, but kept her cool.  She stopped for cars, stopped to look at “things,” and never put a foot wrong.  She didn’t start or shy, followed or lead, side passed like a pro, she did anything and everything asked of her.  We were singin’ yer praises for her behavior.  Mark Z was very impressed at her calmness for such a young horse.  These behaviors are mostly due to your diligence, patience and skill.   Thank you.  We’ve waited 3 years for this morning’s ride, and it was wonderful.  I think it will just keep getting better from here on….again thanks to you.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come in just 4 months!  And I mean me and the horses!  I look forward to riding with you again soon, we’ll all learn something. See ya,"
Bill Still

“I feel very fortunate to have Nate recommended to me for my 7 year old Morgan mare, Danny.  She had no training whatsoever, and I feel sure that in the wrong hands I would have a very different horse than the safe, willing  horse that she is.  Nate‘s gentle, patient handling of her is just what a high spirited horse like her needed.  He intuitively knows what a horse is thinking and feeling and is able to help the horse know what is expected of it.  I would highly recommend him.”
Carol Laflamme 

“Nate is the BEST. Learned more about horses in an hour than I thought I knew in 45 years. Amazing results. So happy to begin to form a trusting, confident relationship with my horse thanks to Nate. :)”

“I have in my life known many people, Nate is extraordinary.  His talent with horses reaches into the soul of the horse which then connects with his own.  To the Japanese there are many people who study a subject, a few do Shugyo which when translated is the austere depth of training where you and the object become one.  I have worked as his student and seen his magic with horses this is a gift from within.  He has worked with my horse and helped me with the difficulties I have had. I was beginning to see that its not the horse its the rider, for horses always know how to be horses.  I cant complement him enough and would recommend him to anyone having difficulties with training their horse as he also works with the rider. On the ground and or on the horse.”
Roy Goldberg

“Thank you Nate for all the hard work you have done training our horses and us.  When you first got them Miss Splatter had never had a saddle on her back and Iron Maiden was a very opinionated, hyper horse.  Now we are able to work with them on the ground safely and are enjoying riding them.  We have really benefited from the riding lessons you have given us.  You have turned them into horses we can enjoy for a lifetime!  We can’t wait to hit the trails with you.”
Paul and Candy

Caroline Merandi on her horse Rony

"I have 3 horses at Nate Golds Training facility.  My horses are there for boarding and training. Nate and his designed facility are top notch.  I feel that our horses are recieving tremendous care and consideration.  Nate has gone above and beyond in all aspects of his work.  We feel very fortunate to have Nate as a guide and mentor, for now and the future.  I can highly recommend Nate for any and all horse needs and training."
Steven Merandi, MD

"Too many words to describe how wonderful of a horse trainer Nate is and most importantly how he trains the human to understand and overcome obstacles with their horse. I personally have to say, I have learned most of my obstacles have been the communication between myself and my horse. Nate has helped me identify them, address them and has helped me communicate with my horse in an efficient way. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have him help my filly and I. 100% satisfied client"
Kristine Greenlaw